From Dreams to Degrees: Alexis Adams’ Scholarship Journey

By October 10, 2023Homeowner, News

Meet Alexis Adams, a tenacious junior at IUPUI on the journey of forensic science. Raised in the nurturing environment of her Habitat home since the age of three, Alexis has not only excelled academically but also has a deep passion for true crime and chemistry. 

Choosing IUPUI for its renowned forensic science program, Alexis was also drawn to initiatives they offer like the Diversity Enrichment and Achievement program (DEAP). Here, she gets diverse experiences in a sometimes less diverse academic setting. Alexis continues to excel academically, surpassing her own expectations and steadily proving her capabilities to herself, despite her doubts. 

Balancing school, Alexis, a former choir singer, now works at Walmart and is now seeking internships to gain hands-on experience in her field. With aspirations to become a forensic scientist, she envisions herself as a wonder woman making significant contributions to her field in a new city outside of Indy. 

For Alexis, her Habitat home is not just a house; it’s the backdrop to so many childhood memories, from walks to school with her brother to neighborhood friends and family gatherings. Alexis attributes her success and resilience to the stability provided by her home and acknowledges her mother’s teachings on the importance of having an affordable mortgage. Alexis sees the Habitat scholarship as another valuable gift to her family.  

Congratulations Alexis for being one of four recipients of the Habitat scholarship! Your dedication to your academic journey and pursuit of forensic science is incredible. Wishing you continued success in achieving your goals! 

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