Volunteer Spotlight: Ebony Carter

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Habitat Volunteer for 6 years
Three words she uses to describe her experience with us: Compassion, Diverse, Community

Meet Ebony, a dedicated volunteer with a passion for behavioral health and mental health, who is committed to making a positive impact in her community. Ebony’s journey volunteering with Habitat began in 2005 when she moved to Indianapolis, seeking to make friends and get involved in her new city. She found that volunteering was an easy way to meet like-minded individuals and connect with the kind of people who share her values and interests.  

One of the key factors that keeps Ebony coming back to volunteer with Greater Indy Habitat is the fulfillment she derives from it. She describes volunteering as something that “fills her cup” with joy. For Ebony, volunteering is a way to connect with a purpose, to meet people who are in the process of moving into new homes, and to witness the transformational impact that Habitat’s work has on families. She is deeply committed to serving underserved populations and fostering inclusivity. One of Ebony’s most cherished memories with Habitat was helping to finish a house for an immigrant family. The family’s overwhelming gratitude and excitement left a lasting impression on her, emphasizing the transformative power of Habitat’s work. 

Ebony’s love for volunteering lies in the connections she forms with people and the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others. She firmly believes that those with skills and resources have an obligation to give back. Now, Ebony volunteers with her team at work, as a project manager with IU Health. Her journey with Habitat exemplifies the positive impact that dedicated volunteers can have on the world around them, helping to create stronger and more compassionate communities. If you would like to be a part of making that change happen, check out how to get more involved here 

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Reaching New Heights in 2023

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a historic year in review

As 2023 comes to a close, we reflect on a historic year filled with meaningful milestones for our homeowners, volunteers, supporters, staff and board. Once again, our work this year was a collective effort of thousands of hands and hearts, including yours, which allowed us to navigate the challenges in providing affordable housing in greater Indy.

Watch the video for a recap of this incredible year! Thank you for playing a part in strengthening our mission. See you in 2024!

JaTio’s Journey After Habitat

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Hear about JaTio’s Journey After Habitat

In 2019, JaTio Skinner achieved a remarkable milestone—she became a proud first-time Habitat homeowner. JaTio, along with her now 9-year-old son, helped build her home as part of the Agriculture Build hosted at the Indiana State Fair. Dedicated to her dream of homeownership, she completed the homeownership education program while working full-time night shifts and being a single mother. 

While in the homeownership program, Habitat University, JaTio didn’t just secure a home; she also completed her associate degree at Ivy Tech. This experience gave her the inspiration she needed to continue her education and transfer to the IUPUI Kelly School of Business to earn a bachelor’s degree in HR Management. “I knew I could do anything if I could do this,” she reflects. 

When asked about the role her Habitat home played in her life, JaTio responds, “Everything!” The sense of responsibility and independence she gained from homeownership is invaluable. Financial literacy courses through Habitat University equipped her with the skills to be credit-savvy and financially efficient. Describing the experience as “amazing,” JaTio emphasizes that owning a home brings a sense of peace, as she redirects her money back into her own investment instead of rent. 

Her neighborhood is becoming a close-knit community where her son can play freely. Since partnering with Habitat, JaTio notes so many positive accomplishments in her life. Not only did she gain financial stability, but she also feels the program helped her build character. 

One of JaTio’s fondest memories about Habitat is the care she received from the team. Now comfortable in her home, she has started a new tradition—Christmas Eve pajama parties, where family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays. 

JaTio hopes her journey is an inspiration and she encourages others considering homeownership to believe in themselves. For her, the right mindset and the right commitment are key. “See it, then achieve it. Imagine yourself on closing day cutting that ribbon. It’s hope that will get you there. It can be done; I did it.” 

To help more individuals, like JaTio, achieve their dream of homeownership and build stability for their families, donate today.

Annie Costlow Named Top Honoree for CFO of the Year

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Congratulations, Annie! 

A round of applause for our incredible Chief Financial Officer, Annie Costlow! Named a top three honoree for Indianapolis Business Journal‘s CFO of the Year, Annie’s 12-year journey with us has been nothing short of amazing. Despite challenges in the housing market, we thank Annie and our finance team for leading initiatives to diversify revenue, leading us to a record-breaking year building more homes than ever before.

We’re not just celebrating Annie; we’re also thrilled to acknowledge the achievements of the diverse group of honorees across various industries. Their commitment and contributions are assets to their organizations and to our community. We are grateful for your leadership and how you represent our mission in your work. We celebrate you and how you have strengthened our organization!

Read more about Annie and other financial leaders in our community at the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Volunteer Spotlight: Tony Roscetti

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Three words to describe his Habitat experience: Rewarding, Empowerment, Trust

Meet Tony, a steadfast volunteer at Greater Indy Habitat, whose passion for giving back to the community knows no limit! Tony’s unwavering commitment to Habitat is driven by the transformation he witnesses with each build site he shows up to. He finds profound satisfaction in observing raw materials, like drywall, paint, and 2x4s, change into safe and welcoming homes for families in need.  

Tony’s journey as a Habitat volunteer reflects a deep commitment to continuous learning. He aspires to become a part of the Tiger Team at Habitat someday, marking his transition from acquiring new skills to enjoying the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with other volunteers.  

Reflecting on his favorite memory from volunteering, Tony recalls a day at a build site where a diverse group of volunteers, all showing up to volunteer as individuals and not with a larger collective group, spent the day working and bonding over their shared commitment. Their camaraderie extended beyond the volunteer hours, as they gathered at a nearby brewery, underscoring the meaningful connections that volunteering with Habitat can foster. 

For those considering involvement with Habitat, Tony offers valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of flexibility. He highlights that no build site ever goes precisely as planned, and adaptability is key. The camaraderie that is created when every volunteer must join in to figure out a problem together is unmatched. Tony leaves every volunteer day, whether the snow is falling, or the humidity is high, feeling empowered and accomplished. However, the best part is that he gets to see that same empowerment transform the homeowners and their families as they learn and help to build their own home.  

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