Volunteer Spotlight: Connie Alexander

By October 10, 2023Volunteer

Habitat Volunteer for 6 years
Three words she uses to describe her experience with us: Fun, Inspiring, and Meaningful

Let us introduce you to Connie, a committed volunteer for Greater Indy Habitat, who primarily has volunteered with her company, Allegion. Connie had always wanted to volunteer with Habitat but hadn’t had the opportunity prior to her employment in market research with Allegion. As a corporate partner for 15 years, Allegion places a strong emphasis on serving others as one of its core values, making volunteering with Habitat a natural extension of their company. Employees like Connie enjoy contributing to a meaningful cause and connecting with coworkers. 

Like many volunteers, Connie has discovered that volunteering with Habitat is an educational experience, and she always learns something new when on site! Recently, she had the chance to learn and hone a new skill – painting. While painting may seem straightforward, the Construction Team’s expert guidance provided valuable tips and tricks, making the task more manageable.  

One hallmark of Habitat volunteering is adaptability. Connie recalls a memorable experience where their expectations on the build site had to adjust. What was supposed to be a final cleaning day turned into a busy landscaping and sod-laying day. Despite the unexpected workload, Connie and her Allegion team rallied, and everyone embraced the challenge. The typical post-volunteer team socializing plans were replaced with a well-deserved shower! 

Connie proudly wears her collection of Habitat t-shirts around town, saying she’s “extremely proud to be a Habitat volunteer.” Her commitment to making a difference in her community is inspiring and we are grateful for her important role in Habitat’s mission. Interested in getting your company involved and sharing this same kind of experience with your coworkers? Check out how by reading more here 

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