Let Us Work : Jonathan

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We have worked hard and accomplished something great.  The homes we built last year are a testament to the beauty of diversity, the sanctity of humanity, and the unfathomable, infinitely delightful, and irrefutable worth of our efforts when we come together for the good of one another.

We have worked hard, and this year we are starting a new chapter. A chapter where more people can come together in humility- a chapter in which more people are willing, able, and eager to learn from one another, and to serve one another.

Our work so far has empowered our neighbors and spread hope during this time of ever-increasing need.  When we consider that the entirety of humanity suffers or thrives as one, that the Image of God exists in the unity of all people, we have no course of action but to come together in action.  We are compelled to begin the restorative work of service.  And this service is not merely done for those we serve, nor for our own pride.  We serve one another for the greater good of every single one of us.

The artist Lilla Watson once said, “If you have come to help, then you are wasting your time.  But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

The journey we embark on with each and every Habitat homeowner is a testament to the value of cooperation, human dignity, and the potential within all of us to build great things together.  We emphasize that what we do is a “hand up,” not a “handout.”  The work done at these Interfaith Builds especially, brings all people of different backgrounds together, to walk alongside a homeowner in the incredible work they do.  It is not the work of some, presented as a gift to others.  It is an act of supreme equality and togetherness.  It is the efforts of many, for the good of many.

In order to make these builds possible, we need the support of many different faith groups, coming together for one cause.  Currently, we are striving to attain the funding necessary for this year’s Interfaith Build, and we are persistent in our efforts. We commit to this work because we trust that accomplishing it together is glorious.  We commit to this work, knowing that despite our diverse religious backgrounds, our religious conviction to serve and to love one another can still unite us.  We commit to this work because it is worth every bead of sweat, every dollar spent, and every difficult moment, to see this work done.

So, let us work together, all of us.  Let us work together to show love and kindness to our fellow human.  Let us work together to become better people together, and make a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  Let us work together to build homes for families, hope for tomorrow, and community for everybody.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom.

Ps- If you are interested in supporting this year’s Interfaith Build financially, or getting your faith community involved, please contact Joel Reichenbach at 317.777.6070 or jreichenbach@indyhabitat.org

Kick Off Event Recap: Amy

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This week we kicked-off our 30th year with more than 150 of our supporters. We are again is awe of the outpouring of support and encouragement that fills the room at this annual event.

We started the evening with a private reception for our Builders Circle members, allowing them a sneak peak at the info tables and more personalized attention speaking with our team about ways to get involved. President & CEO, Jim Morris, as well as future homeowner Amy Brown spoke to the members about the important role individual donors play in our mission and the need for continued growth in this area of support.

Once the doors opened for the public portion of the event, the “streets” of the DeveloperTown warehouse were flooded with individual, corporate, and faith-based supporters eager to learn more about the work we are doing in Indy and how they can be a part of it in 2017. We paused for a brief moment for Jim to share more about our plans in our 30th year and to recognize those who have gone above and beyond to support our mission.

We would like to thank our award recipients for their past and continued support:

  • “Frank Hartman” Volunteer of the Year: Jamie Gardner Hall
  • Legacy Corporate Partner: Eli Lilly & Company and Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
  • Build Sponsor of the Year: Davis Homes
  • Legacy Church Partner: St. Paul’s Episcopal

Thank you to everyone who was able to help us kick-off our 30th year. We hope you can find a way to join our work in 2017 as we unite to build homes, hope and community!

Special thanks to DeveloperTown, Sun King Brewery and Monarch Beverage Company, for helping make our Kickoff a success!

ReStore-Spring Cleaning : Jim the CEO

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Officially the first day of spring this year is Monday, March 20, and ironically, I am writing this as it is snowing outside my window.  Because we experienced an extremely mild winter in Indianapolis, many of us have gotten to enjoy the outside in February when we were normally trapped inside and yearning for spring. This snow, as a last-minute reminder of winter, is expected in Indiana.

According to the American Cleaning Institute (yes there is an institute or association for everything), more than 70 percent of Americans take part in some form of spring cleaning every year.  HGTV and other media have also made decluttering your home very popular.

If you are getting ready to spring clean, declutter or simplify, Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity has the perfect outlet for your extra items.  Donate the items you have gathered to one of our three conveniently located ReStores.  Your gently used or unused item can be donated and turned into revenue that pays for our organization’s administrative and overhead costs. This revenue allows every contributed dollar we receive to go our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Haven’t heard of the ReStore? It is a home improvement thrift store that sells donated, new and gently used merchandise at a significant discount to the general public. Whether from your home or a business, our ReStores are perfect places for completing your spring cleaning efforts.

From a business
Santarossa Marble and Tile is a great example of a business “spring cleaning” their inventory as they donated over 150 pallets of new tile, carpet tile, rolls of vinyl and crate stone basins to clear way for their new inventory.  Their donation is a tax benefit to their company, and they appreciate that the product is used to create revenue for the Habitat mission.  We have the storage and the capability to pick up large donations.

From a home
Homeowners can donate large items like appliances, furniture, windows, doors, lighting, tools, cabinets, sinks and so much more.  We have had a homeowner donate entire kitchens because they are remodeling their residence.

We pick up your items
No matter if it is a business or homeowner donating goods to the store, we will come and pick up your donation.  Just call us at the closest store to you, and we’ll schedule a time:

Indianapolis: 317.777.6098

Greenfield: 317.318.9458

Avon: 317.707.7530

You can also shop at one of our stores for both new and used items at half the price of retail.  Our ReStores complement our mission well, so as you are spring cleaning, donate to one of our stores, receive a tax benefit and maybe even shop a little!

Habitat Mentors: Kimberly & Jon

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Many Habitat volunteers pick up a hammer or a paint brush to work alongside future Habitat homeowners; however, did you know there is another group of volunteers that are picking up phones, pencils and personal budgets to support Habitat homeowners on their journey?

Each future Habitat homeowner develops a relationship with a mentoring volunteer who is both a resource and friend on their journey. Mentors and Habitat homeowners communicate at least once a month and help with classroom material, provide homeownership tips and generally encourage and listen.

Wonderful relationships have been formed through the mentor program. Current mentors include long-time volunteers, first-time volunteers, current Habitat homeowners and Builders Circle Members. We recently spoke with new Habitat homeowner Kimberly and her mentor Jon. Here’s what they had to say.

Thoughts from Kimberly, 2016 Homeowner:

Why do you think the mentor program was valuable for you as a first-time Habitat homeowner?
I think having a mentor was one of the best parts of the program.  It was the comfort of knowing that if I had a question about something or needed a little assistance in something I had somebody I could call.  John was AWESOME! It also gave me a chance to not only meet somebody new BUT to meet somebody great.

What does home mean to you?
Having my home now gives me a feeling I can’t quite explain yet. Most days I’m still in shock or shall I say disbelief. Having my home though has given me a peace of mind and a great sense of comfort. The best feeling in the world is knowing that it’s mine, and I had a big hand in building it. When you’re the one actually helping do the work to build your house, it means so much more! Thanks to Habitat, as well as my mentor Jon, for this lifelong experience and journey.I think the overall program that’s offered by Habitat truly prepares future homeowners for what’s to come.  It’s so important that you know how to budget, as well as how to save. During the class, it gives you the opportunity to get to know other future homeowners and that too allows you to have other people to create friendships with, in case you might need help or have a question. I love everything that Habitat stands for, and I’m so honored to have got the chance to be a first-time homeowner through Habitat!

Thoughts from Jon, Mentor volunteer

Why did you become a mentor for a Habitat homeowner?
I had been involved with Habitat as a volunteer in some capacity for several years, and my favorite part always involved the homeowner. Becoming a mentor allows me to be able to walk with the homeowner through their journey from start to finish and realize how their hard work paid off.  The best part though is cultivating a relationship for life.

What has been your favorite part of working with your mentee, or what are you looking forward to?
Working alongside Kimberly on the panel build was special because it was the first work we had done on her home.  Dedication day was very exciting too because the dream was a reality.  Just as joyful though was visiting a few weeks after move in and seeing that Kimberly had made her house her own unique home.

How have you learned from your mentee?
Kimberly showed me another level of dedication and determination.  Through all the hard work and hours spent she also had an amazing ability to have fun, which made it that much easier to spend time helping.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Click Here to learn more!

ReStore and the Giving BackPack: Andy

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At the ReStore, we do more than just raise funds for the Habitat mission and get our customers great deals on home improvement items; we also actively engage with the community. The ReStore is one of the most publically visible parts of our organization. The ReStore is open six days a week and has three locations, one in each county we serve – Marion, Hancock, and Hendricks. We certainly have our share of volunteer help from the community, but the ReStore space itself is more than just retail space, and most folks coming in to donate or shop may not realize this.

For example, the ReStore team is happy to be continuing a relationship we started last year with The Giving BackPack: a non-profit whose mission is to provide school supplies for students who can’t afford them. After qualifying by showing need from financial hardship, for a small restocking fee (about the price of a backpack), a student can get all their school supplies at no cost for the whole school year – up to four refills – through the program. I met with Cecil Collins, the CEO and founder of The Giving BackPack to discuss the partnership with the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

 You started this program in Merrillville; what lead to you bring it to Indianapolis?
“Yes, we started in 2011 in Merrillville, and I moved for my job and wanted to start it again here in my new community.”

 What impact have you seen so far in Indianapolis?         
“We’ve really come to understand there is a lot of need here in Indianapolis. It’s coming in on a school-based level. Currently, we’re serving two schools and it will only grow from there. We’re really going for notoriety now: trying to get our name and the mission out there as much as possible.”

How has the partnership with Habitat been?             
“Excellent. I couldn’t ask for more. Habitat has been open, accommodating, and overly-supportive. It’s easy, that’s it; it’s easy. I don’t have to worry about it, and the space at the ReStore is really perfect for our needs.”

What is the future of The Giving BackPack in 2017?         
“We’re doing a car raffle now; we’ll hopefully raise funds for the school supply pantry by the end of the year and be able to expand into more schools. The partnership between The Giving BackPack and Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity has been huge for families we serve, and being able to join in helping the families Habitat already serves has been an honor.”

We at the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity ReStore are proud to partner with other community-based non-profit organizations that further serve the Habitat mission by providing resources essential to homeownership, like quality education.

Learn more about The Giving BackPack and how you can apply for their program.

For more information about how the ReStore partners with other organizations and aids the habitat mission, “Like” our pages on Facebook and stay tuned to this blog.