Volunteer Spotlight: Janette Smith

By March 19, 2024Tiger Team, Volunteer

4 Year Tiger Team Member

What is your favorite hobby/project outside of Habitat?
Gardening, singing, spending time with my daughter & husband, riding my bike (though not as much as some of the Tigers.

What is your favorite Tiger memory?
Helping to build the 2 Women’s Build houses in 2020 both as a Tiger & a Women’s Build team leader was a great accomplishment, since the Women’s Build was a big part of why I became a Tiger. But every home dedication is a great thing.

Possibly my least favorite memory was my failed attempt to teach my new phone to fly while putting the ridge cap on a mini barn. Said phone landed face-down on the new concrete pad. It did make my case to my husband that I really should use a screen protector….

What did you do in your previous life (pre-Tiger Team)?
I retired from being an Environmental Consultant for about 7 years, after previously retiring from 26+ years doing a variety of things at Dow AgroSciences. But I’m a compulsive community volunteer, so a number of those activities (church, neighborhood, Second Helpings, etc.) have continued.

Who is one of your heroes and why?
I don’t have a single hero, though I admire anyone who strives selflessly to improve others’ situations.

Janette, your commitment and enthusiasm truly embody the spirit of giving back. Thank you for showing up for us in such a big way! If you or anyone you know is inspired by Janette’s story and want to learn more about the Tiger Team, click here.

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