Volunteer Spotlight: Keith Nonnenmacher

By March 21, 2024ReStore, Volunteer

Habitat ReStore Volunteer for 2 years
Three words he uses to describe his experience with us: Fun, Inspiring, and Meaningful

Meet Keith, a dedicated volunteer who’s been making a significant impact at the Fishers Habitat ReStore since 2021. Before joining the Fishers team, he started his Habitat volunteer journey at the Charlottesville Habitat Store in Virginia back in 2019. After relocating to Indiana, he dove into the world of the Greater Indy Habitat ReStores. Since his inception in 2021, Keith has generously contributed 730 hours to the Fishers ReStore, a testament to his unwavering commitment. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed, as he was recognized as one of the 2022 Volunteer of the Year award recipients, having chalked up an impressive 377 hours. 

Keith’s passion lies in working with his hands, building, and fixing things. At the Fishers ReStore, he’s taken on the role of lighting maestro, expertly assembling light fixtures. When asked about his motivation to keep returning to the ReStore, he emphasizes his enjoyment in working with both the staff and customers. Keith’s specific area of interest, donated lighting, brings him immense satisfaction as he artfully arranges the lights to make them appealing to customers. His favorite aspect of volunteering, however, is the interactions with customers as they unearth hidden treasures at the ReStore. Over time, Keith has built connections with regular customers, and he eagerly anticipates hearing about how a ReStore find integrates into their home improvement projects. 

When Keith shares advice for prospective volunteers, he emphasizes the ever-present need for help at the ReStore and encourages them to give it a try. He suggests that finding one’s niche within the ReStore can be an incredibly rewarding experience, adding that seeing the positive impact they can make may lead to more volunteering hours than initially planned. 

As for memorable moments, Keith modestly shares that his most cherished one was receiving the Volunteer of the Year award in 2022. It’s a testament to his dedication and the gratification he derives from his volunteer work. Keith’s journey is a true testament to the joy and fulfillment that volunteering can bring, not just to those he serves but to himself as well. 

We thank you, Keith, for being a true champion of Habitat and serving the community with us. There are many opportunities to give your time and talents within the ReStore. Click here to learn more about ways to get involved.

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