Volunteer Spotlight: Kurt Backlund

By November 8, 2023Volunteer

Habitat Volunteer for 6 years
Three words to describe his Habitat experience: Fulfilling, Challenging, Fun

Kurt is a dedicated volunteer for Greater Indy Habitat who has been making a significant impact on the organization for the last ten years. Through the organizational partnership with Delta Faucet Company, Kurt has volunteered on the build site alongside his team and colleagues to help build homes in our community. Kurt embodies the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement, demonstrating unwavering commitment and enthusiasm towards Habitat’s mission of providing affordable housing solutions.  

For Kurt, the draw of volunteering with Greater Indy Habitat lies in the blend of personal fulfillment, teamwork, and community building. He loves the chance to roll up his sleeves and engage in hands-on work, finding immense joy in working alongside the Habitat team, his coworkers, and the future homeowners. One of Kurt’s favorite parts about being a long-time Habitat volunteer is that once he mastered a specific construction skill (like installing exterior trim), he is now able to experience mentoring and helping other volunteers learn those same skills. Beyond the physical aspects, what truly keeps Kurt coming back is the infectious passion, work ethic, and drive exhibited by the homeowners. The homeowners’ unwavering determination serves as a powerful motivator, reaffirming the importance of Habitat’s mission. 

Kurt shares his deep appreciation for the Habitat community, expressing that volunteering on a Habitat build is his favorite day of the year. He eagerly anticipates many more years of volunteering, including perhaps becoming a member of the Tiger Team upon retirement from Delta Faucet! The dedication of volunteers like Kurt showcases the spirit of volunteerism that helps make Habitat thrive. Want to become one of those people? Find out ways to become involved in changing your community.  

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