Why I Build: Amber & Stacey

By January 31, 2018Women Build

In our fifth year of building and funding a home completely by women, our 2018 Women Build co-chairs Amber Dagit and Stacey Stuteville share why they dedicate their time and talent to this project and mission.

Why I Build

Amber Dagit, 2018 Women Build Co-Chair
“I joined the Women Build in 2016 as a Builder to make an impact in my community. When I realized the impact to each individual builder when I joined the committee in 2017, I found my why. When a woman volunteers for Women Build, she may do something that she has never done before…like leading a team, fundraising for a cause she believes in, or using a power tool. She takes that spark to her family, to her work, and to her life. That spark is unbelievably powerful and it starts with one person. That is Why I Build – because of each of our builders.”

Stacey Stuteville, 2018 Women Build Co-Chair
“This year will be my 4th Women Build and every year I am inspired by the women who roll up their sleeves to raise money for and build (from start to finish) a house for another woman in our community. Each day, as women, we do so much for our families, careers, friends, houses, etc…we’re busy and we’re getting it done…and probably killing it, because we’re women. What is truly inspiring about the Women Build is that all of these individual women, who are super busy in their own lives, come together and WE build a house and WE raise more than $125,000 and we lift up a fellow woman and we’re lifting up our community. And we use power tools.”

Thank you to our Women Builders for creating a spark, empowering others, and positively influencing our community!