Volunteer Spotlight: Lukas Gogis

By May 16, 2024Volunteer

Let us introduce you to Lukas, another of our rockstar volunteers! Lukas has been volunteering with Greater Indy Habitat since 2017. One of his favorite parts of volunteering with Habitat is the physical aspect of the work. He says that the volunteer day is immensely satisfying; there is a clear and tangible result at the end of the day’s efforts. Lukas says that he always has the opportunity to try out a new tool he hasn’t used before or learn a different project.  

Lukas has had the opportunity to volunteer alongside his company, Eli Lilly. He loves the fact that his company values being involved in the community and appreciates all the benefits that come with that commitment. Lukas enjoys getting the opportunity to get to know his coworkers outside of the office. As a team building event, Lukas believes that there isn’t anything else that can compare to the experience on a Habitat build site. Everyone gets the chance to work hard for a purpose and have fun while doing it. His team still tells stories and shares nicknames from their volunteer days in past years.  

So, what keeps Lukas coming back to volunteer with Habitat year after year? For him, it’s more than just swinging a hammer; it’s about being part of a meaningful cause with a clear mission – providing housing and hope for families in our community. Over the years, Lukas has come to realize how rigorous the Habitat Homeownership Program is for the homebuyers rather than his previous misconception that Habitat simply gives homes away. 

For Lukas, volunteering with Habitat is a fulfilling experience that can be summed up in three words: fun, team building, and fulfilling. He appreciates how his efforts directly impact his local community, knowing that someone will ultimately benefit from the work he’s contributed. He’s all about making a difference in his community, one nail at a time. 

So, for anyone thinking about getting their company to partner with Greater Indy Habitat, Lukas has got some advice: just go for it! You won’t find a better way for your team to experience a sense of camaraderie, the chance to step outside one’s comfort zone, and an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the community. Want to learn more about what a corporate partnership with Greater Indy Habitat looks like? Check it out!  

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