Volunteer Spotlight: Carmen Saunders

By November 13, 2018Volunteer

Every volunteer is vital to our work building homes, communities, and hope alongside families in Greater Indy. Whether volunteers spend one day or ten with Habitat, they help provide a quality, affordable place to call home and build stability for local homeowners. We are also blessed with some volunteers who share their skills and passions more frequently and we’re excited to introduce you to Carmen, one of those stellar volunteers.

Since her first volunteer experience in April at the Ivy Tech panel build, Carmen has volunteered 20 times on 5+ Habitat homes! And she’s signed up for more days this fall. Read below to learn more about Carmen.

Q&A with Carmen:

You’ve come out 20 times so far this year volunteering on our build sites! Thank you so much! What is it about Habitat that keeps you coming back for more?
I am fascinated with the ability to build and create with my hands. Also, I hoped to help people. Here at Habitat, I can achieve both worlds.

Sometimes our volunteers tell us that every time they come to the build site, they learn something new – whether it be a Habitat fact or even a new skill. What’s something new you have learned recently while volunteering?
The skills of carpentry and construction work are all new to me. Surely, I will develop more of these skills in time. Volunteering can be a daily reminder of the skills I do have such as adaptability, persistency, and strength.

If you had to use one word to describe your volunteer experience with us, what word would you use?
Rewarding. I’m helping to build a home. Then, that home will become part of a thriving community.

What advice would you give to first-time Habitat volunteers?
My advice for first time volunteers would be to:
1) Be brave!
2) Imperfection is normal.
3) Get out of your comfort zone.
4) Enjoy the experience!

Thank you, Carmen, for all that you do to build strength, stability and independence through homeownership!