The American Dream: Paid Off

By August 2, 2016Homeowner

“It was in 1992, I actually moved in on October 2nd of 1992.” Hilday (Dina) Batts-Davenport remembers the day clearly, the day she purchased her first home from Habitat for Humanity. The importance even at that time was not lost on her: “When you are buying and actually now owning a home, it gives you a nice comfortable feeling. You know, a feeling of stability; I have an asset.”

Hilda (Dina) Batts-Davenport_by doorDina hit another milestone, one that most Americans have not reached; in 2001, she paid off her mortgage. Dina is one of 74 Habitat homeowners in Greater Indy to have reached this milestone. Just this year, 15 homeowners are expected to make their final mortgage payment.

Since paying off her mortgage, Dina has been able to invest her savings in additional ways. “Oh man, it’s been remarkable. It did free up that income,” Dina shared. “[For example] I bought new windows this year; good, solid windows. Just some investments that I am working on now to keep us stabilized. It has been very rewarding to be a homeowner and to do stuff like that, and have that asset.”

For Dina, the impact of homeownership extended to her children. Her eldest daughter and son are both homeowners and she believes her experience taught them the value of and desire to pursue homeownership. “It lets them know that you can do it, and there is always something more you can do; something you want to accomplish in life,” said Dina.

Through it all she acknowledges the many people and organizations that made her home possible, and gives glory to God: “If it wasn’t for Habitat and their program and the love of God who held all of that, we would be out of [a home].”

Hilda (Dina) Batts-Davenport_with house