ReStore Reuse: Suitcases

By March 25, 2018ReStore

David Hazel, ReStore Associate Director, shares his latest DIY project inspired by the ReStore.

Of the many cool things about working for the ReStore–like funding the building of homes, keeping millions of pounds of stuff out of the landfills, offering quality products to people at a low price, and helping to spread the word about the good work Habitat for Humanity does–finding interesting items that can find a new life is a particularly gratifying and creatively rewarding possibility.

There are so many destined-for-the-dumpster items that I’ve rescued over the years, but one that I’ve really had fun with was creating cat beds from old suitcases! While it wasn’t my idea (I think I found it on Pinterest), I thought it was a good one. An old suitcase can make a quirky and cool piece of furniture that your cat will enjoy as much as you do, and I love that you can tailor this project to fit your own style and taste.

Here’s how you do it:

Find a suitcase that you like at a ReStore. Don’t worry if you don’t find one on a Monday, as there may be a completely different selection by that Friday.

Then, find some furniture feet or decorative wood pieces to make some legs. You can easily attach them by screwing through the suitcase into the legs. I found some really interesting ones that I stained a nice dark color to match a friend’s century-old Louisville home. Don’t go from the legs into the suitcase, or you may have some sharp screws sticking up into your feline friend’s sleeping area!

After getting some legs on it, get creative and add tiny framed pictures on the inside lid, or little pillows or stuffed animals, a catnip toy, and a nice blanket for comfort. It’s amazing how instantaneously your cat will climb in and make himself comfy.

Pillows, furniture feet and suitcases are all items you can typically find at a ReStore. The cat, however, you’ll have to pick up at your local animal shelter or Humane Society!