2023 Legacy Church Partner

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Congratulations to our 2023 Legacy Church Partner, Northminster Presbyterian Church!

Join us in celebrating our 2023 Legacy Church Partner, Northminster Presbyterian Church. We are thrilled to take this opportunity to recognize and honor our partners who have demonstrated support for our mission. Northminster Presbyterian Church has been instrumental in bringing together members of their congregation and neighbors in our local community to help build homes and foster hope. Their dedication and commitment to serving others have made a significant impact, and we are thankful for their continued partnership. Thank you, Northminster Presbyterian Church, for being a beacon of light in our community.

2023 Legacy Corporate Partner

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Join us in celebrating our 2023 Legacy Corporate Partner, GEODIS!

We are delighted to announce GEODIS as our 2023 Legacy Corporate Partner. For nearly six years, GEODIS has been an invaluable supporter of our mission, not only through their financial contributions but also through the dedication of numerous volunteers. Their commitment to making a difference in the lives of families in our program is truly commendable. We are grateful for their support and for the meaningful ways in which they have walked alongside the families we serve, embodying the spirit of partnership and community. Thank you, GEODIS, for your commitment to building homes, communities, and hope.

2023 Volunteer of the Year

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Thank you, Lisa, for serving your community with Habitat!

We are thrilled to announce Lisa Enright as the recipient of our 2023 Volunteer of the Year Award. Lisa’s dedication and tireless efforts have truly set her apart, as she consistently brings a contagious spirit of enthusiasm and positivity to the build site and to fellow volunteers. Her countless hours and boundless energy have made an impact on our organization, inspiring others to give their best and contribute to our mission of building homes and communities. Lisa’s commitment to service and her support are truly commendable, and we are grateful for her invaluable contributions. Congratulations, Lisa, on this well-deserved recognition!

Habitat University Education Center

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Habitat University Education Center

Take a tour through our newly renovated Habitat University Education Center, proudly sponsored by Merchants Bank IN. We are thrilled to unveil this revitalized space, made possible through their generous partnership. We are excited to continue providing aspiring homeowners with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. We look forward to empowering even more individuals on their path to homeownership in our newly upgraded center.

Volunteer Spotlight: Christy Jacobi

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Habitat Donor & Volunteer for 20 years
Three words she uses to describe her experience with us: Authentic, Fun, Educational

At Habitat, we often find our most dedicated supporters are those who not only contribute financially but also roll up their sleeves on the build site. Christy embodies this spirit wholeheartedly. Her journey with Habitat began in 2005 when she and her husband, Jim, made their first donation with a commitment to invest locally and help families build generational wealth through homeownership.

As Christy’s involvement deepened, so did her passion for making a tangible impact. In 2021, she began volunteering, often bringing along her children Andy, Sara, and Ryan. For Christy, volunteering was about immersing herself in the Habitat experience, meeting future Habitat homeowners and learning about the education and sweat equity homeowners commit to in the program.

Christy has built memories with each of her children on the build site. On a hot summer day, she and her son Andy worked side by side with Rod, a family friend and Habitat Tiger, feeling both tired and inspired by the end of it. When she was on site with Sara, they installed siding alongside Erica, a 2023 Habitat Homeowner, who shared her enthusiasm for owning a home where her children had more space to learn, play and grow. Recently, Ryan volunteered with her, and they had the opportunity to chat with Habitat staff to learn even more about the impact of their family’s continued support. For Christy, it’s about instilling in her children the importance of community, philanthropy, and investing your time in a cause you care about.

We are so grateful for Christy’s commitment to walk alongside Habitat families as they achieve their dream of homeownership. There are many ways you can get involved in Habitat’s work. Learn more here!

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