Annie Costlow Named Top Honoree for CFO of the Year

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Congratulations, Annie! 

A round of applause for our incredible Chief Financial Officer, Annie Costlow! Named a top three honoree for Indianapolis Business Journal‘s CFO of the Year, Annie’s 12-year journey with us has been nothing short of amazing. Despite challenges in the housing market, we thank Annie and our finance team for leading initiatives to diversify revenue, leading us to a record-breaking year building more homes than ever before.

We’re not just celebrating Annie; we’re also thrilled to acknowledge the achievements of the diverse group of honorees across various industries. Their commitment and contributions are assets to their organizations and to our community. We are grateful for your leadership and how you represent our mission in your work. We celebrate you and how you have strengthened our organization!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Tony Roscetti

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Three words to describe his Habitat experience: Rewarding, Empowerment, Trust

Meet Tony, a steadfast volunteer at Greater Indy Habitat, whose passion for giving back to the community knows no limit! Tony’s unwavering commitment to Habitat is driven by the transformation he witnesses with each build site he shows up to. He finds profound satisfaction in observing raw materials, like drywall, paint, and 2x4s, change into safe and welcoming homes for families in need.  

Tony’s journey as a Habitat volunteer reflects a deep commitment to continuous learning. He aspires to become a part of the Tiger Team at Habitat someday, marking his transition from acquiring new skills to enjoying the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with other volunteers.  

Reflecting on his favorite memory from volunteering, Tony recalls a day at a build site where a diverse group of volunteers, all showing up to volunteer as individuals and not with a larger collective group, spent the day working and bonding over their shared commitment. Their camaraderie extended beyond the volunteer hours, as they gathered at a nearby brewery, underscoring the meaningful connections that volunteering with Habitat can foster. 

For those considering involvement with Habitat, Tony offers valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of flexibility. He highlights that no build site ever goes precisely as planned, and adaptability is key. The camaraderie that is created when every volunteer must join in to figure out a problem together is unmatched. Tony leaves every volunteer day, whether the snow is falling, or the humidity is high, feeling empowered and accomplished. However, the best part is that he gets to see that same empowerment transform the homeowners and their families as they learn and help to build their own home.  

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kurt Backlund

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Habitat Volunteer for 6 years
Three words to describe his Habitat experience: Fulfilling, Challenging, Fun

Kurt is a dedicated volunteer for Greater Indy Habitat who has been making a significant impact on the organization for the last ten years. Through the organizational partnership with Delta Faucet Company, Kurt has volunteered on the build site alongside his team and colleagues to help build homes in our community. Kurt embodies the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement, demonstrating unwavering commitment and enthusiasm towards Habitat’s mission of providing affordable housing solutions.  

For Kurt, the draw of volunteering with Greater Indy Habitat lies in the blend of personal fulfillment, teamwork, and community building. He loves the chance to roll up his sleeves and engage in hands-on work, finding immense joy in working alongside the Habitat team, his coworkers, and the future homeowners. One of Kurt’s favorite parts about being a long-time Habitat volunteer is that once he mastered a specific construction skill (like installing exterior trim), he is now able to experience mentoring and helping other volunteers learn those same skills. Beyond the physical aspects, what truly keeps Kurt coming back is the infectious passion, work ethic, and drive exhibited by the homeowners. The homeowners’ unwavering determination serves as a powerful motivator, reaffirming the importance of Habitat’s mission. 

Kurt shares his deep appreciation for the Habitat community, expressing that volunteering on a Habitat build is his favorite day of the year. He eagerly anticipates many more years of volunteering, including perhaps becoming a member of the Tiger Team upon retirement from Delta Faucet! The dedication of volunteers like Kurt showcases the spirit of volunteerism that helps make Habitat thrive. Want to become one of those people? Find out ways to become involved in changing your community.  

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Read About Bugashane’s Passion for Computer Design

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Meet Bugashane Mugoovi, a promising first-year student at Purdue University, starting his academic journey in Computer Graphic Tech and UX Design. He gained a passion for computer design and software his first semester and was happy his major aligns with his interests. Hoping to make his parents proud, Bugashane chose Purdue because of their prestigious programs and to fulfill a dream of his own.  

Despite being in the early stages of his college career, Bugashane envisions a future working in computer graphics and software, with aspirations to work for companies like InVideo. His first semester at Purdue has been filled with exciting experiences, including plans to run for a position in the Student Government Association and engaging in campus life through intramural sports like volleyball. 

Bugashane’s educational journey is rooted in his family’s Habitat home, offering stability after multiple moves during his earlier years. He feels happy to know his siblings won’t have to constantly change schools because of their family moving. Their home also fosters a sense of togetherness. Memories of family gatherings and Sunday backyard cleanups paint a picture of a home.  

He recalls celebrating his brother’s birthday when they first moved into their home. “It was nice because there were a lot of shops nearby that we could take him. The fact that we live in a good location is nice.” The impact of their home extends beyond the physical space; it has brought positive changes to Bugashane’s family dynamics. With his father’s job now closer to home, the family enjoys more quality time together. 

We wish Bugashane the best as he navigates the exciting challenges of college life. Having the privilege of a secure home can empower individuals to pursue their dreams. Looking forward to all the success you will reach! 

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Hear From Kali About Her Pursuit In Nursing

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Kali Negussie is pursuing her second bachelor’s degree, this time in nursing at IUPUI. Having completed her undergraduate studies in psychology and human development at Purdue University last spring, Kali’s decision to transition to nursing stems from a desire to build stability and independence for herself early in life. The accelerated BSN program is set to begin in January 2024. She is interested in various specialties like NICU, pediatrics, dermatology, and public health and aspires to become a nurse practitioner. 

Kali’s family journey with Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity began in 2009 when her family moved into their four-bedroom, one-bath home. Originating from Ethiopia, Kali’s family found a place to call their own in their Habitat home. Before, they were renters through the Carraige House, where other immigrant families find housing support. Her grandmother comes to visit often.  

For Kali, their Habitat home houses her favorite memories, including putting up the Christmas tree and sharing Sunday lunches as a family. “For my parents, it was a place they can call home. My dad said he wanted to own a home in his lifetime.” We are happy to see he is finally living out this dream. She also remembers painting rooms around the house with her mother when they first moved in. 

Encouraged by her father, who values education deeply, Kali applied for the Greater Indy Habitat scholarship. He said, “Education is the most important thing because no one can take it away from you.” Her academic achievements, including finishing ninth among all students academically at Ben Davis, reflect the dedication to education instilled by her family. She attributes her success to being surrounded by high achieving individuals. 

She chose IUPUI because it is close to home and because there are good hospitals in Indianapolis that she can train at. As she prepares to attend IUPUI, Kali is planning a trip to Ethiopia this fall to spend time with family and friends. Through the scholarship, Kali is one step closer to reaching her dreams and also is excited for continuous growth. The Negussie home is an example of the power of stable, affordable homeownership. 

Congratulations, Kali! 

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