Meet Our 2023 New Board Members

By February 14, 2023From the CEO, News

Please join us in welcoming them to the Greater Indy Habitat family!

We are pleased to announce our new 2023 board members! All will bring a wealth of knowledge to our organization, and their backgrounds will complement those of current board members and staff. We’re excited to see their diverse expertise shine through our mission. Their ability to bring about change allows us to consider them inspiring leaders who will further our efforts in the community. We are thrilled to have new members on board and are confident they will continue to bring local visibility to our organization. 

Ashley Scruggs

Elements Financial Federal Credit Union

“As a board member, I look forward to being a part of the incredible impact Habitat for Humanity makes in our community. Coming together for the shared purpose of partnering with homeowners is what makes Habitat for Humanity’s mission so powerful. 

Growing up, our family had the unique opportunity to own a home through Habitat for Humanity. The work we put in and the ownership and stability that this experience provided for us was critical to my foundation. I have always wanted to give back to an organization that had a direct impact on both my personal success and our broader community.”

Justin Crotzer


As a Habitat for Humanity board member, I am looking forward to taking my passion for the organization’s 5 values, getting more deeply engaged in the organization, and seeking opportunities to steer it toward sustainable growth alongside my board peers.  I stand to gain as an individual from this experience in how I lead in other organizations given the great mix of organizational talent among the board and management team alike. 

Calling upon my passion for the organization’s mission and purpose to drive operational excellence and substantial growth, 27 – 37 homes. 

Bringing a community of people together to build homes for those willing to make the sacrifice and commitment to be the change, changes lives for the better.  Focusing on providing a hand up not a handout drives accountability and generates integrity, two very important factors associated to value creation for individuals and organizations alike.”

Kelli Lawrence

Onyx + East

“I am looking forward to working with a talented and diverse team at Habitat and fellow board members in their mission to provide more home ownership opportunities to residents of Central Indiana.  The board and staff’s passion about the mission of Habitat are inspiring and I look forward to contributing my experience in development and construction to help further that mission.  

A quality and stable home is such a foundational piece to overall stability in life for all individuals, especially families and children.  To work with an organization driven to walk alongside those in our community in their journey to finding their stable home is an honor and privilege. “

Matthew Wright

Cisco Systems Inc

“As a board member of Habitat for Humanity, I look forward to being a part of the organization’s mission to provide affordable housing solutions to families in need and making a positive impact on the community. I am excited to work with fellow board members and volunteers to develop strategic initiatives that will help further Habitat’s goal of building strength, stability, and self-reliance through housing. Additionally, I look forward to being a part of the decision-making process that will shape the direction of the organization and ensure its long-term sustainability. On a personal note, my father, uncle, and both grandfathers were carpenters and volunteering with Habitat brings back fond memories from my youth swinging a hammer with those wonderful men.  

The Habitat for Humanity mission is important because it is rooted in the belief that every person deserves a decent place to live. By providing people with safe, affordable homes, the organization is working to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. This not only affects their health and well-being but also their ability to achieve their full potential. Habitat for Humanity is working to break the cycle of poverty and give families the foundation they need to build a better future.”

Anne Sharkey

First Internet Bank

“I am looking forward to working with the other board members to continue and expand the vision and mission of Habitat. 

I look forward to cultivating and deepening partnerships in order to bring affordable housing opportunities for families that will hopefully change their lives forever.  

Homeownership is a central component of the American Dream; it not only provides stability for families but strengthens the bonds of our communities. 

The scarcity of affordable housing is reaching a critical stage.  Habitat for Humanity offers a solution that serves our neighbors, while creating a path to long-term financial independence.”