Meet Lindsey, Visual Communications Coordinator

By May 7, 2018News

In February we welcomed Lindsey Rominger to our Habitat family into the new role of Visual Communications Coordinator. Lindsey’s background is in graphic design and marketing, including international communications work with Ataway. Learn more about Lindsey below!

What are your primary roles at Habitat?

As the Visual Communications Coordinator, I work on the design and production of marketing collateral and publications for Greater Indy Habitat and the three ReStores located within greater Indianapolis. I work on designing event signage, print publications, online graphics, etc. I also take photos at events and help manage the photography and videography collection. If you see the girl with the camera at our Habitat events, come say hello and introduce yourself! I would absolutely love to meet you!

What makes your space “home”?

Family is a very large part of how I define home. I love hanging out with family, including my lovable dog named Judd. My husband Ryan and I are almost always taking on a creative project as well, so you can usually find art supplies, wood working projects, and power tools scattered throughout our home. I’m all about fostering a space at home to be creative!

What’s your favorite tool to use?

As a graphic designer, my favorite tool of choice is the Adobe Creative Suite. This suite of applications helps bring creative ideas to life and offers users a significantly large amount of tools to create designs for both web and print. Out of all of the Adobe applications, my favorite platform to work with is Adobe InDesign. This software allows you to create layout publications and was the first graphic design platform I learned on in school.

Why do you build homes, communities and hope?

Working at Greater Indy Habitat is truly a dream job of mine. I love the people and city of Indianapolis deeply, and I want to spread God’s love to the reaches of this city and beyond. I believe that a home is not just limited to the physical walls and a roof over somebody’s head. It’s all the birthday parties hosted, the lost teeth stuffed under pillows, the first day of school pictures taken on the front porch, the Thanksgiving turkeys cooked in the oven, and so much more life that happens within the walls of a home. I truly believe that homeownership is empowering. It is life changing… and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to see the life-changing mission of Habitat carried out each day.

Please join us in welcoming Lindsey to our Habitat family! 

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  • Grandma Lois says:

    Congratulations, Lindsey.
    Great article that helped me
    Understand just what you do.
    Love to you and Ryan!!!