Meet Chase, Construction Superintendent

By September 14, 2018News

In June we welcomed Chase Yanzer to our Habitat family into the role of Construction Superintendent. Learn more about Chase below!

What are your primary roles at Habitat?
As a construction superintendent for Habitat for Humanity, my primary role is to lead our Tiger Team and our volunteers through the construction of our homeowner’s new homes. This includes coordinating deliveries, scheduling professional trades, and working to ensure the safety of all who are on the build site. With the help of the Tiger Team, I direct volunteers in what to do and how to do it in order to start off with a flat piece of ground and end up with a beautiful home.

What makes your space “home”?
I purchased my first home about three years ago and the ability to make changes to it has been my favorite part. I’ve done several things to it since purchasing it that have helped to make it feel like my home rather than just a place to put my things. Out of all the things I’ve done, the one that I probably enjoy the most is the fireplace surround and mantle that my dad and I made to house an electric fireplace. I enjoy coming home from work and sitting on the couch and firing up the fireplace and relaxing.

What’s your favorite tool to use?
My favorite tool to use on the build site is ‘the persuader’. Generally this term is reserved for the sledgehammer, but I prefer to use the term more generally to refer to any implement that is used to ‘persuade’ something into place. This could be a hammer, a 2×4, a crowbar, a clamp – most anything will do. We often use these tools to knock walls into place and are a real joy to use. When the ‘persuader’ comes out, the tension usually goes away…

Why do you build homes, communities and hope?
I work for Habitat for Humanity because I truly believe every Hoosier deserves to have quality affordable housing. Working every day to help make that a reality in my home State is a dream come true. Not only that, but getting to see the amazing dedication of the Tiger Team and the Volunteers who work unbelievably hard to build these homes is truly inspiring. I am fortunate to call Habitat for Humanity my employer.

Please join us in welcoming Chase to our Habitat family!