Meet Brad, Construction Superintendent

By September 25, 2019News

Brad Evans HeadshotThis summer we welcomed Brad Evans to our Habitat family as a Construction Superintendent. Brad joined us from Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County and has been a huge asset to our team. Learn more about Brad below!

What are your primary roles at Habitat?
As a superintendent, I see my role as a facilitator and advisor for the Tiger Team and volunteers. While it is ultimately my responsibility to deliver a quality home for the homebuyer, I simply make decisions about how things will be done, then explain those decisions to the Tigers (if necessary) and volunteers. Additionally, it is my responsibility to ensure that there are adequate materials and tools on site for these two groups to do the fantastic work they do. Lastly, I coordinate with and schedule many of the contractors we hire for professional services (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing and gutters).

What makes your space “home”?
I am a severe minimalist, and live in a small apartment.  I have moved many times in my life, so home tends to be wherever I lay my head.

What’s your favorite tool to use?
My favorite tool is probably the cordless nail gun.  It saves my thumbs from abuse with a hammer, and really speeds up the process.

Why do you build homes, communities and hope?
I’ve been involved in this type of work for many years. When I started (around 15 years ago) with an organization called Rebuilding the Wall around 20 years ago, I realized what a difference affordable homeownership makes to a family. It is something many of us take for granted:  1) It gives stability to the family by breaking a sometimes frequent cycle of transitional living. This means children can develop friendships in their neighborhood without the fear of having to “leave” friends whenever they move. Children can attend the same school/school system throughout their school years which also adds stability to the school. Generally speaking, it allows children to focus on that part of their future they should be focusing on, and not focused on worrying about where they will be living. 2) Our homes attempt to give each child his/her own bedroom, a space they can call “their own.”  3) Homeownership gives parents an additional opportunity to set an example for their children by setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals.

I truly believe everyone deserves affordable quality housing, especially children.  That is why I do what I do.

Please join us in welcoming Brad to our Habitat family!