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Increased Independence Thanks to Habitat’s Repair Program

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Sarah Repair Homeowner Headshot

In May of 2018, our homeowner repair team connected with Sarah who was seeking assistance to repair and add additional safety features to her Westside Indianapolis home. Sarah worked closely with our team to not only repair her home, but also breathe new life into it, allowing her to pursue her goals of furthered independence.

“I was in need of a new roof, a ramp repair, and a second access out of my house, and a family friend, who is also disabled, was able to get a new roof through Habitat,” Sarah said. “Before the repairs were made, I had issues with animals getting in my roof due to its age. Also, my front ramp was deteriorating and I had no second access in and out of my house.”

With her curiosity peaked and a desire to improve the safety, accessibility, and living conditions in the home, Sarah reached out to Habitat. Through the combined efforts of Greater Indy Habitat and Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP), our homeowner repair team worked to secure her home with a new roof and make the home more wheelchair accessible.

During the course of the project, we built new front and back wheelchair ramps for Sarah as well as put in an automatic back door, allowing her to exit her home comfortably and safely. During the project, a brand new metal roof was also installed along with proper drainage around the exterior of the house, allowing Sarah to enjoy this home for years to come!Thanks to the generosity of Builders Lumber & Hardware who donated the materials for the ramps and the Shelbyville Community Church congregation who lending a helping hand, Sarah’s home is now safe and accessible.

“The staff was very kind and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend Greater Indy Habitat’s Homeowner Repair Program to someone else. They helped me find and get the resources needed for my new roof, ramps, and second access,” Sarah said.

A Repaired Home—Increased Independence

Before and After Sarah Repair 2019

What does being a homeowner mean to Sarah? “Independence and pride in myself,” Sarah shared. “I’m able to be me and be on my own timetable and not someone else’s.”

Not only have the completed home repairs allowed Sarah to enjoy increased levels of independence in her home, but the repairs have also given her a safe space to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

“With it only being me in the house most of the day with peace and quiet all around me, I was able to finish both of my novels at a quicker pace than if I were living in assisted-living or even an apartment,” Sarah said. “Knowing I won’t have any distractions from animals and having a second access and two new places outside to relax and brainstorm is wonderful… I will really enjoy being able to go outside in the summer using either one of my new ramps.”

Thanks to the committed work of the Greater Indy Homeowner Repair team and INHP, Sarah is settling into her repaired home—a home that she can now enter and exit with ease. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey of building strength, stability and independence, Sarah. We wish you all the best!

More about the Homeowner Repair Program
By participating in the Greater Indy Homeowner Repair Program, homeowners like Sarah are able to reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. Through the Homeowner Repair Program, the staff concentrates on exterior repair work, health and safety, and energy-efficiency repairs.

For more information about our repair program or to apply, visit indyhabitat.org/repair.