Strategic Vision and Priorities

In our 2022-2024 strategic vision and priorities we are refining and retooling our efforts to address among other issues, the expanding gap in racial inequalities and increasing construction and land costs. We have begun a scholarship fund with a goal of distributing awards to homeowners and their children beginning in 2024, and we are moving into more non-traditional models of homebuilding to combat factors that have caused our average house cost to hit a record high of $150,000 in 2021, as compared to $90,000 in 2019.

Our plan also includes committing to 300 housing solutions by 2024. We will continue to deliver financial literacy and home maintenance classes to our new homebuyers to prepare them for homeownership. Many have never lived in a home that was owned, so for some, their favorite class was breaking down how credit works and how to do basic repairs, while for others, it was the relationships they forged during the process of working alongside other new homeowners.

As we address the long-term health, generational wealth, and educational outcomes that begin with that first opportunity, we hope you’ll be a part of our expanded growth plans.

Greater Indy Habitat 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Overall Goal: Address the expanding gap in racial inequalities as well as drastically increasing construction and land costs.

our regional vision

Increase housing solutions
Expand and diversify housing product
Broaden homeownership program opportunities
Cultivate and deepen partnerships
Engage and embolden advocates
Leverage engagement regionally and internationally

Chance of the lowest income children in Indianapolis progressing to the top 20% income bracket
1 in 9
Households spend half or more of their income on housing in Indiana
Indianapolis ranking in economic mobility for its poorest residents of the top 50 U.S. cities
Indianapolis is amongst the lowest black homeownership rates in the country

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For a printed copy on our 2022-24 Strategic Vision and Priorities, please contact Abri Hochstetler at 317.777.6095 or download a PDF here.