Meet Rapheal

Habitat for Humanity fosters life-changing opportunities in terms of my planning, organizing, managing, and budgeting based on my available resources and stability for my family. Habitat also teaches me how to maintain my future house. Finally, it gives me a sense of dignity and provide in society as a homeowner.

I am planning to have my family together soon and presently my accommodation is not adequate enough for a family.  I do not have the financial capability to get a larger accommodation for the family.  Even if I approach or seek a loan or financing policies about a larger accommodation their conditions are neck breaking as soon as one starts.

I am very glad to build my home with Habitat for Humanity. Thank you so much in anticipation for your support.

More about the Ojo Family:

Family members: Jimoh Bidemi (wife), Favour Ojo (3 year-old son) (both live in Nigeria)

Occupation: Freight Handler & Distribution Services

Community affiliations: Church and volunteer work

Education or work accomplishments:  Bachelor degree (physical and health education)

Hobbies:  Reading, watching movies, playing guitar, etc.

Children’s activities (clubs, sports, hobbies):  Watching movies (Disney), playing with toys

Places I’ve lived: New York, Chicago

Current living situation: Apartment

What does homeownership mean for your family?  It means stable and affordable place for a lifetime; a shelter for me and my family.

What goals will you set once in your new house?  Safety precautions; adequate maintenance of the facilities; unity among the family.

What are you most looking forward to in your new home?  Physical safety and security; a safe and healthy environment.

Rapheal will build his home on the west side of Indianapolis with volunteer and financial support from local faith communities.