Meet Brittney

So far I have been so impressed with this program. I learned so much within the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. I am enjoying volunteering and how positive and excited everyone is for the homeowners and those in training.

Until I went to college in 2005, I had lived all of my life in my mother’s home. A single parent herself for most of her life, she learned early in her working career to “pay yourself first” through homeownership. So, she planted that seed in the Haughville / Westside Community and it has taken root, grown, and flowered in me.

I am Brittney Anthony, a single parent of four boys, ages 11, 6, 4 and 3. I have EMT training along with CNA certification which led me to my current position at Anthem. I am a Customer Service Representative assisting members with inquiries regarding their benefits, advising and assuring understanding as to how the benefits work as well as coding. Thanks to my exemplary work ethic and attendance, I am blessed to work for a reputable company I really enjoy.

However, when I am at home after work or on weekends, I am not pleased or comfortable with my current living space. There’s no room for studying, no yard space for play and limited swimming pool access. I feel as my children are all “on top of me” in the kitchen when I am preparing meals. As a child, we always had family dinners and special occasions at my mother’s house. That’s not possible in my apartment. There’s no space for cousins, slumber / birthday parties, or holidays. I want my children to have the same celebrations and memories.

Unfortunately, I find it hard to set or achieve other goals with the overwhelming burden of my current living expenses. Investing in my children’s future education and extracurricular activities is not likely at the present time. I knew I needed to complete my education for financial stability, as well as motivate and inspire my children to do the same.

My children are my life. I strive to be the best parent I can be, by any means necessary as my mom demonstrated for me and my siblings. Fellowship with family is essential. I come from a family with morals and family values and I am planting that seed each day in my children. I am training them the way they should go by nurturing them, showing them unconditional love, teaching them what should be taught at home in the areas of discipline, education and respect. This program will help me reach my goal of homeownership.

More about the Anthony family:

Brittney has four boys: Brycen (11), Caiden (6), Christon (4), and Gavin (3).

Brittney works as a customer care representative at Anthem and has her CNA certification. The Anthony family attends Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

Brittney enjoys spending time with family and her boys are into bowling and basketball.

Aside from Indianapolis, Vito has lived in Ft. Jackson, Ft. Gordon, Germany, Ft. Campbell and Kirklin, IN.

His favorite part about living in Indianapolis is that it is his hometown.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “Stability, responsibility, financial gain.  My boys having a yard to play in.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “Save, save, save.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “Welcoming family over for the holidays and dinners.”

Brittney will build her home on the west side of Indianapolis with volunteer and financial support from local faith communities.