Six Tips to Prep for Your Build Day

By January 16, 2020Volunteer

First things first, if you haven’t signed up for a build day yet, do it now! This list is can only help you prepare for your build day if you are signed up to volunteer. Go to to find an available build day. Once you’ve registered, come back and check out the rest of this list!

Signing up for your build day is just the beginning of your volunteer experience. Check out this list to make sure you have a stress free morning and a successful build day!

1. Know where you’re going – Check your confirmation message or reminder email for the exact address of your build. Use your favorite maps app to find the fastest route so you arrive on time! The confirmation message and reminder email will also having instructions for parking. Wherever you park, please be mindful of driveways and mailboxes! We want to be considerate of our new neighbors.

Pro-tip: if you are coming with a group, try to carpool to the build site to make parking a breeze!2. Check the weather – Indiana weather can change at any time, so dress in layers to be prepared for anything! We build rain or shine so please arrive on site in appropriate attire regardless of the conditions. If inclement weather persists, we will call the day on site.

3. Pick the right shoes – All volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes on site. The build site can be very muddy, even when it’s not rainy. We recommend wearing old sneakers, rain boots, or work boots for your volunteer day!

Pro-tip: bring an extra pair of shoes to change into for your ride home!4. Leave your tools at home – Habitat provides all of the training, tools, safety equipment, and materials for your build day. If you must bring your favorite hammer, make sure you keep an eye on it! Habitat isn’t responsible for any lost or stolen tools.5. Stay energized – Habitat provides lunch on site and includes a vegetarian option. Clif Bars and water are also available. If you have a stricter diet or need a caffeine fix, you are welcome to bring your own lunch to site! Just be sure to keep it in an insulated lunch box or cooler so it stays safe to eat come lunchtime.6. Check in with your company’s HR department – Do you have VTO (volunteer time off) or another benefit that allows you to take time off to volunteer? Email your HR person and see if there are extra perks for volunteering!Now you know how to best prepare for your build day with Habitat! Still not sure what to expect when you arrive on site? Here’s what you need to know about your volunteer shift!