“Keys to Homeownership” Event Was a Success!

Over 120 individuals interested in homeownership attended the first ever “Keys to Homeownership” event on Saturday, March 10th.

Many wonderful organizations, such as Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, Apprisen, West Indy Community Development Corporation, and Near North Community Development Corporation also joined in our event to share their information to help better serve those that attended. For the applicants that have to work through income or credit issues they were able to talk with the organizations that could assist them right there at the event.

Each person that attended filled out a pre-qualification application, had their credit report pulled, and was able to receive one-on-one counseling from our Homeownership Advisors to learn how each person could become homeowners through our homeownership program. Our goal was to make sure that each person would walk out of the event knowing what it would take to become a homeowner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis, and to know what they needed to work on if the credit or income didn’t align with our requirements.

In addition to the services we provided at the event, each applicant was able to hear first hand from our many wonderful Habitat Homeowners what their experience was being in the homeownership program, becoming a homeowner, and share their story. Homeowners we have to thank are Denise Smith, Carmen & Dwight Allen, Sashah Robertson, Shawn Paicely, Charle Bridgeman, and Joseph Olumullah.

A huge thank you to all those that supported the event. Thank you to Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership for their sponsorship. Thank you to Arsenal Technical High School, IPS, and the staff at Tech HS - Sylvia Dewitt, Rick Akers, and Leroy for making sure that all that we needed was available and taken care of so quickly. Thank you to our wonderful energetic and helpful volunteers that gave their Saturday to help make sure that all applicants walked away with hope. Thank you to all the wonderful Habitat Partner Families and Habitat Homeowners that participated in the event and helped show that the dream of homeownership is possible and within reach. And last but not least, thank you to all the Habitat Board and Staff that participated and helped make this event what it was.

For all those that are interested in becoming a homeowner through our Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis program and missed the event on Saturday, we will be holding another Keys to Homeownership event in the late Summer/early Fall. Please check back here on our website or call us this summer to receive details about the next Keys to Homeownership event! It is not too late to start your homeownership journey in 2012! Habitat for Humanity builds stables foundations for generations.