Meet our Homeowners

Read about a few of our 2016 homeowners.

Meet Brittney:

So far I have been so impressed with this program. I learned so much within the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. I am enjoying volunteering and how positive and excited everyone is for the homeowners and those in training.

Until I went to college in 2005, I had lived all of my life in my mother’s home. A single parent herself for most of her life, she learned early in her working career to “pay yourself first” through homeownership. So, she planted that seed in the Haughville / Westside Community and it has taken root, grown, and flowered in me.

I am Brittney Anthony, a single parent of four boys, ages 11, 6, 4 and 3. I have EMT training along with CNA certification which led me to my current position at Anthem. I am a Customer Service Representative assisting members with inquiries regarding their benefits, advising and assuring understanding as to how the benefits work as well as coding. Thanks to my exemplary work ethic and attendance, I am blessed to work for a reputable company I really enjoy.

However, when I am at home after work or on weekends, I am not pleased or comfortable with my current living space. There’s no room for studying, no yard space for play and limited swimming pool access. I feel as my children are all “on top of me” in the kitchen when I am preparing meals. As a child, we always had family dinners and special occasions at my mother’s house. That’s not possible in my apartment. There’s no space for cousins, slumber / birthday parties, or holidays. I want my children to have the same celebrations and memories.

Unfortunately, I find it hard to set or achieve other goals with the overwhelming burden of my current living expenses. Investing in my children’s future education and extracurricular activities is not likely at the present time. I knew I needed to complete my education for financial stability, as well as motivate and inspire my children to do the same.

My children are my life. I strive to be the best parent I can be, by any means necessary as my mom demonstrated for me and my siblings. Fellowship with family is essential. I come from a family with morals and family values and I am planting that seed each day in my children. I am training them the way they should go by nurturing them, showing them unconditional love, teaching them what should be taught at home in the areas of discipline, education and respect. This program will help me reach my goal of homeownership.

More about the Anthony family:

Brittney has four boys: Brycen (11), Caiden (6), Christon (4), and Gavin (3).

Brittney works as a customer care representative at Anthem and has her CNA certification. The Anthony family attends Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

Brittney enjoys spending time with family and her boys are into bowling and basketball.

Aside from Indianapolis, Vito has lived in Ft. Jackson, Ft. Gordon, Germany, Ft. Campbell and Kirklin, IN.

His favorite part about living in Indianapolis is that it is his hometown.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “Stability, responsibility, financial gain.  My boys having a yard to play in.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “Save, save, save.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “Welcoming family over for the holidays and dinners.”

Brittney will build her home on the west side of Indianapolis with volunteer and financial support from the local faith community.

Meet Trish

I am so incredibly grateful and humbled by everyone’s willingness to help a complete stranger. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers. Thank you is totally inadequate, but it is what I have. I am so excited for this new beginning that lies before me and the chance to finally pay it forward! The journey here has been a long and sometimes frustrating one, but well worth it. Life gives you blows, but you get back up again. And again. And again. Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; …when you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched.” God is good.

More about the Botta family:

Trish has two daughters, Rachel and Holly, 21 and 18 years-old respectively. Trish works as a research tech at the IU School of Medicine at IUPUI and also at Wild Birds Unlimited in retail sales.
Trish attends Trinity Wesleyan Church and has enjoyed being involved with Habitat. She looks forward to being more involved in Greenfield once she moves and plans to help out at the Hancock County Humane Soceity.

She enjoys nature, wildlife, animals. She and her daughters foster kittens and sometimes other animals. Rachel is a student at Berry College in Georgia studying animal science. Holly is a High School senior and will attend Grace College in Indiana next fall planning to major in environmental science.

Aside from Indianapolis, Trish has lived in Upland, Ind., and Birmingham, Ala.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “Independence – not having to rely on others.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “Pay it forward! Save money.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “Putting down roots, getting our belongings out of storage, meeting the neighbors, exploring my new town (Greenfield), etc. Will be looking for new church in Greenfield.”

Trish will build her home in Greenfield as the first Habitat for Humanity home in Hancock County! .

Meet Kimberly:

Since I was 16 years old I have been working to support myself and my son. I constantly place my children’s needs ahead of my own and strive to provide them everything that they needs as growing children. It is a struggle to work, parent and provide a stable home environment. In my son’s short life he has lived with me in my parent’s home until I was able to save enough to provide our own place. We are currently residing in an apartment, but this is not ideal for a permanent home and does not provide the space that growing children need. Now with my daughter, I want a place that we can truly call home; a house where my children will grow up and someday share their childhood home with their own children.

[Before I applied to the program] I was watching the morning news and saw the joy in the faces of two separate recipients of homes built by Habitat for Humanity. I would love to someday receive such a blessing and experience those same emotions.

I have experienced difficulties in the past due to becoming a mother at a young age. I think that some of these situations were due to a lack of knowledge with financial responsibilities, but mainly due to the necessity of having to take care of myself and my child while having more funds outgoing rather than incoming. As I have gained maturity and job security, my financial outlook has changed drastically. I have stable employment and manage my money responsibly.

More about the Brantley family:

Kimberly has two children, La’Frondorf, 8 years-old, and Kelyss, 1 year-old.

Between working at FedEx, Kimberly enjoys helping her kids and others with their homework as well as basketball, golf, and computers. Her son, La’Frondorf, enjoys football and basketball

Kimberly has lived various places in Indianapolis but her favorite part about living in Indianapolis is that there is a lot of free stuff for the kids.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “It means that we can have our place and my kids can play in their own backyard.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “That I will take good care of the home and pay it off.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “To get new stuff and enjoy every bit of it.”

Kimberly will rehab her home with volunteer and financial support from Park Tudor and other local partners.

Meet Christian and Ixchel:

Hi, my name is Christian, and this is our story. I met Ixchel in 2007 and we went out a couple of times to the movies and dinner. We started dating in December 2007, we’ve been together ever since.

In October of 2012, we had our first baby and named him Allan. By this time we were living with her parents and her brother. The house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. We lived in her room which is connected to her brother’s room. You need to pass through Ixchel’s room to get to it. Before Allan arrived we decorated her room to welcome him. We were very excited for our first baby. Everything was working out at that time. Living 5 adults and 1 kid in a house wasn’t so bad. In July of 2014 we had our second baby and named her Alexa. We were very happy we had a boy and now a girl; just the perfect family. The room was a little crowded but we were able to work it out, living 4 people in one room.

We wanted to move and buy a house but we did not have credit, so we weren’t able to. We tried to save money to buy a house but every time we had something saved, something always came up. Our last option was for us to rent an apartment. We didn’t want to, but it was our only option. Ixchel kept telling me, “Once we move to an apartment we are never going to be able to buy a house.” So we continued to stay at her parents’ house.

In November of 2015 we had our third baby and named her Abril. We were very excited. But now we are living five in a room. We needed to move, so one day I remembered that someone had given me a card for this program that helped people get a house. I called and Martha gave me a lot of information. I was very happy but we needed to see if we qualified. So as soon as Ixchel got home, I told her and she was very excited. We turned in the paperwork that was needed. It was a Friday that Habitat came and interviewed us and said they would call and let us know if we were approved or not. The weekend passed, we were very anxious. It was on Monday, January 18th, that they called. I remember that, because our lives were ready to change. Ixchel was home with the kids because day care was closed for the day. She got a call from Martha saying, “You got approved and welcome to the program!” It was so nice to hear those words. When she hung up the phone, she started screaming saying, “Kids we’re getting a house, we’re getting a house!” and jumping up and down. I bet the kids thought Mami was going crazy. It was our dream come true.

We are very excited to be a part of this program, and would like to thank everyone for this opportunity!

More about the Sanchez/Vargas family:

Christian and Ixchel have three children: Allan, 4 years-old, Alexa, one year-old, and Abril, 5 months.

Christian works as a DJ for a local Latin radio station and Ixchel works as a sales assistant. Their family attends a local Catholic church.

Both Christian and Ixchel listening to music and playing with their kids. Allan enjoys gymnastics and likes to build with Legos, and Alexa loves to draw.

Their favorite part about living in Indianapolis is that it’s a small city, people are very nice.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “Our future, life, dream – everything.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “Maintain our payments and have a better life.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “Stability, privacy for our family.”

Christian and Ixchel rehabbed their home on the westside of Indianapolis this spring.

Meet Travis and Tamekia:

The idea of owning a home became just a fantasy. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, I have become more optimistic. This journey so far has come with a number of problems, but the end goal is what helps us stay focused. I watched another house being built and it was one of the most amazing events I have witnessed. The most impactful emotion is that of the homeowner. My heart flooded with joy as I watched the homeowners help bring their house to life. This in turn inspired me to complete this journey.

More about the Wiley family:

Travis and Tamekia have four children: Byron (19), Tarrell (16), Tavon (13), Travis Jr. (10). Tamekia works at Alliance Home Care and Travis is an army veteran finishing his college degree.

Their family is involved in the Indianapolis Church of Christ, Beacon of Hope and Beyond All Business.

While Travis enjoys watch collecting, video games, and model cars, his sons enjoy Track & Field, video games, basketball, and Minecraft. Their favorite part about living in Indianapolis is meeting great people.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “This gives me the opportunity to raise my children in a similar setting to my childhood. My parents own their home and I would love to give my kids a chance to experience those same joys.”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “We will set new traditions to celebrate. Always keep funds for repair, no matter the cost. Lastly, be as welcoming as possible to the new community.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “To run, jump and shout in celebration of ownership.”

The Wileys will build their home in the Lawrence neighborhood with volunteer and financial support from OrthoIndy and local veteran groups.

Meet Jessica:

Jessica_Wilson_FamilyMy name is Jessica and I have three children; Charles 14, Brian 4, and Arieana 8 months old. I have had so many obstacles through my life I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered when am I going to catch a break. Going through the Habitat program has made me realize God has seen my struggles this whole time and just like it says he will never leave us. I am so grateful for all the trials and tribulations I’ve been through because I know it has made me who I am today! My family and I can’t wait to be able to call a place home and know it’s actually ours! I’ve never been able to plant my own flowers or have a porch swing. I know these little things may seem not a big deal to many but it actually is to someone like me that has moved from apartment to apartment. I can’t tell you what a huge relief it is knowing we’re moving into a home that I’ll be buying and knowing I can afford it. This is definitely going to be a stress reliever.

Upon discovering this program, I was overjoyed with the possibility of owning my own house.  Investing in a home would better suit my financial needs and family obligations. In the past I have always lived in an apartment.  With rent being so high I’ve moved from place to place trying to find something I can afford. This has been a challenge for my son as he switches schools several times. I’m concerned that this will affect his grades if it continues. Owning my own home has always been a dream of mine. I never thought it would come true. Just knowing that my dream is within reach is the best feeling ever.

To coincide with the program’s mission and values, I am a firm believer in demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to help others in achieving a decent place to live while maintaining independence and financial freedom. With perseverance and hardworking capabilities I possess, I am a dependable and self-determined mother who can provide the same values and goals as Habitat for Humanity to others. If chosen, the impact of the decision to my family will be the epitome of our lives. Owning a home would provide more benefits than I can count, including family unity and stability. The outcome of my family’s lives would be tremendously improved. I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for this opportunity.

More about the Wilson family:

Jessica has three children, Charles,14 years-old, Brian, 4 years-old, and Arieana, almost one year-old. She works as a medical assistant/receptionist.

Their family attends The Blended Church and Jessica completed studies at Kaplan College.

Jessica loves spending time with her family, movies, and traveling. Charles loves to play basketball and will play in a fall league at the Jewish Community Center. Brian also likes basketball and football. Jessica’s favorite part about living in Indianapolis is going downtownand& walking the canal.

What does homeownership mean for your family? “Owning our own home means stability, comfort, and a sense of pride. It means my dream has finally come true and God has answered our prayers!”

What goals will you set once in your new house? “My main goal will be to have an emergency savings. I also want to still help other families through Habitat.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new home? “I can’t wait to say I’m buying my home. I’m really looking forward to having a yard so my kids can go outside and play in it. I’d love to one day have a swing set for them.”

Jessica built her home in on the northwest side of Indianapolis with volunteer and financial support from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and Arbor Homes.