The Queen of the Castle

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Tiffani opens up and shares how being a new homeowner makes her feel like the queen of her castle. 

 “Being a homeowner is like a dream that I haven’t woken up from yet.  These last two months have made me feel ultimately blessed.  Every day when I leave and come home I walk through and double check everything. I enjoy looking out of the windows and reflecting on this next chapter in my life.

I feel so happy when I walk through the house, whether I am cleaning, in my office, or cooking. This new chapter in my life is the start of something beautiful.  My favorite part of my house is my office, I spend a lot of time in there for school, relaxing, and personal entertainment. I was extremely excited to come home during the holidays after visiting my family.  It was a bitter sweet, as I am currently single.  After leaving the holiday excitement and coming home to relax was an amazing feeling.  I am looking forward to implementing DIY ideas for my house and making them into reality throughout the year. I feel like this is my castle and I am the queen. I couldn’t be happier!”

We encourage you to explore ways to Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity, so together we can provide strength, stability and self-reliance to future homeowners.


A Place for the Everyday and Special Moments

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vargas-sanchez-family_enewsHome is a place for the day-to-day moments as well as special occasions. Over the past six months, Ixchel Vargas and Christian Sanchez have settled into the everydayness of homeownership with cooking together, hosting family, and playing with their three children.

We like having our own space; the kids can play in their rooms. We like to cook and have dinner as a family. When my parents come to the house I like to serve them and make them food,” shared Ixchel.

For Ixchel, the extra space is meaningful for her kids as they quickly turned the house into their home: “Allan, the oldest, loves to play with Legos in his room. He creates different things like robots, cars, houses, and more; he has a big imagination. But he sure doesn’t like when his sister comes in the room because then she wants to destroy his Legos and he gets upset. Alexa likes to play with bubbles and run around the house. The little one, Abril, she started to crawl and I love that we have carpet because she can crawl all over the house.”

vargas-sanchez-family-3_enewsHome has also meant a place to celebrate special moments, including Allan’s recent birthday and trick-or-treating for Halloween. “I love seeing my kids smile and saying to me, ‘Mommy, I want to go to my house.’ Hearing those words makes me happy because I know that my kids are happy, too,” said Ixchel.

vargas-sanchez-family-2_enewsIxchel offers encouragement for those considering Habitat homeownership: “I would like to let others know that this is a great program and if you have the opportunity to be in the program take advantage of what they offer. Try harder to do everything you can to finish the program and know at the end when you have your keys in your hand, know that it is your reward. You will be the happiest person because you are giving a stable, loving and secure home to your family.” If you’re interested in homeownership, please join us for an info session on Thursday, Dec. 1.

At the end of 2016, we will have welcomed 21 families into their first home. Join us in 2017 as a donor, sponsor, or volunteer as we seek to provide more families like Ixchel and Christian’s that happy feeling!

The American Dream: Paid Off

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“It was in 1992, I actually moved in on October 2nd of 1992.” Hilday (Dina) Batts-Davenport remembers the day clearly, the day she purchased her first home from Habitat for Humanity. The importance even at that time was not lost on her: “When you are buying and actually now owning a home, it gives you a nice comfortable feeling. You know, a feeling of stability; I have an asset.”

Hilda (Dina) Batts-Davenport_by doorDina hit another milestone, one that most Americans have not reached; in 2001, she paid off her mortgage. Dina is one of 74 Habitat homeowners in Greater Indy to have reached this milestone. Just this year, 15 homeowners are expected to make their final mortgage payment.

Since paying off her mortgage, Dina has been able to invest her savings in additional ways. “Oh man, it’s been remarkable. It did free up that income,” Dina shared. “[For example] I bought new windows this year; good, solid windows. Just some investments that I am working on now to keep us stabilized. It has been very rewarding to be a homeowner and to do stuff like that, and have that asset.”

For Dina, the impact of homeownership extended to her children. Her eldest daughter and son are both homeowners and she believes her experience taught them the value of and desire to pursue homeownership. “It lets them know that you can do it, and there is always something more you can do; something you want to accomplish in life,” said Dina.

Through it all she acknowledges the many people and organizations that made her home possible, and gives glory to God: “If it wasn’t for Habitat and their program and the love of God who held all of that, we would be out of [a home].”

Hilda (Dina) Batts-Davenport_with house